Mentally Strong Kids Curriculum

Mentally Strong Kids Curriculum covers ten practices of the worldʼs best based on Dr. Cindra Kamphoffʼs best-selling book, Beyond Grit.

The practices cover social-emotional learning concepts such as grit, self-awareness, decision making, and resiliency.


A short video by Dr. Kamphoff kicks off each of the 10 practices allowing students to be introduced to concepts in an authentic, motivating way.

Parent communication is a vital part of the learning process and is also included in the introduction of each practice.

Following the introduction, the curriculum provides in-depth lessons for each practice for a total of 30 lessons.

Each lesson supports students in gaining essential life skills in order to be the best versions of themselves. The lessons provide strategies for students to become mentally strong, meaning they take control of their own thoughts, actions and goals.

Through an on-line platform each lesson includes a step-by-step teacher lesson plan, a student engagement powerpoint, and a hands-on interactive activity.

Throughout the lessons, each student will complete a Grit Board demonstrating competency and showing concrete takeaways from all ten practices.

The Beyond Grit Curriculum's 10 Practices:



Powerful Thinking

Self Awareness


Owning the Moment

Empowering Emotions

Being Yourself

Dealing With Failure

Choosing Courage

Expected Outcomes

Grow grit and growth mindset

Increase in resilence

Stronger ability to overcome obstacles

Increase in positivity

Mentally stronger

More connection to goals and their future