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Expect a high-energy, inspiring keynote or training where you will gain insights and practical strategies to help you and your team up your game.

From over two decades of research and consulting with the Worldʼs Best

Dr. Kamphoff shares the top 10 practices of high performers and will help you embrace passion and purpose in your life and work.

With Cindra's keynotes and trainings, you will learn practical strategies to:

Overcome the odds

Live and lead with purpose

Move forward with a bold vision

Focus on what you can control

Become more self-aware

Move forward with change

Play bigger to reach your potential

Lead you and your team more effectively

Embracing Passion and Perseverance to Gain the High-Performance Edge

In a 75-90 minute keynote, Cindra could cover 2-3 practices based on the needs of the group.

In a half-day training, she could cover 5 practices. And in an all-day training, Cindra could cover all 10 practices.

Cindra will always customize her keynote to your group or team.

Cindra's most popular keynotes include:

Beyond Grit: Embracing Passion and Perseverance to Gain the High-Performance Edge: In this keynote, Dr. Cindra typically covers practices #1 (Get Gritty), #2, (Get Clear on Your Purpose) and #3 (Master Your Thinking). Despite all the factors that we cannot control, we can choose to lead with grit, purpose and passion. In this keynote, Dr. Cindra will discuss tools to help us see the opportunity, practice self-leadership, savor the good, and commit to leading with grit for the future.

The High Performance Mindset: Practical Tools to Build Resilience and Courage: In this keynote, Dr. Cindra typically covers practices #5 (Dominate the Controllables), #9 (Live and Let Go) and #10 (Choose Courage over Comfort). As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, more than ever, we can get stuck in fear and frustration wishing things were different. In this keynote, Dr. Cindra will focus on mindset practices to be resilient and at our best in times of change.

"I will....I can...I am...": Dominating Your Thinking to Reach Your Potential: In this keynote, Dr. Cindra typically covers practices #3 (Master Your Thinking), #4 (Know Yourself to Master Yourself), and #7 (Choose Empowering Emotions). We all experience an inner judge but the most successful people learn to level up their thinking to level up their life and performance. In this keynote, Dr. Cindra will focus on tangible strategies to dominate your thinking.

More about Cindra

Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D., CMPC, PCC, is an award-winning keynote speaker and executive coach for leaders, professional athletes, and championship teams around the nation. She is the Founder of The Mentally Strong Institute.

Her clients range from Verizon Wireless, Target, Mayo Clinic Health System to the Minnesota Vikings. She has provided mental training for the Minnesota Vikings for four years working one-on-one with the player to help them train their mind. She’s also worked with the United States Olympic Track and Field team while they were in Tokyo working with the athletes one-on-one.

Cindra is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Beyond Grit: Ten Powerful Practices to Gain the High Performing Edge and the corresponding workbook. Her work has appeared in New York Times, ESPN the Magazine, The Huffington Post, USA Today, and Runner’s World Magazine.

Cindra has an executive and personal coaching certification from the College of Executive Coaching and the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. Cindra is also a Certified Mental Performance Coach with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

Cindra is the founder of the High Performance Mindset podcast available on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher Radio which has over 2+ million downloads and ranked in the top 100 podcasts.

Based on nearly 20 years of research and consulting, she speaks and coaches individuals on how to gain a high-performance edge while providing practical strategies that work. Kamphoff is also the founder and director at the Center for Sport & Performance Psychology and professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

She has a Ph.D. in sport and performance psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a BA in Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa where she competed in track and cross country. Cindra and her husband have two boys and live in Minnesota and she is now an avid marathoner who has competed in 15 marathons including 5 Boston Marathons.

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