Play Bigger and More Confidently

The Mentally Strong Institute™ is a roster of sports psychologists who help athletes become mentally strong.

They have a proven track record in several sports helping the Minnesota Vikings, Olympians, student-athletes, national champions, and state champions, gain the high-performance edge.

A Tiny Sample of Who We've Helped

As an Athlete, You Should Be Playing at Your Best, Inspiring People, and Making a Profound Impact

But if you’re like most athletes we know, you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck in self-doubt, or paralyzed by pressure. This makes it hard for you to have the energy you need to unlock your real talents and reach your goals.


Instead of Playing to Your Potential, There’s a Good Chance That:

You’re overwhelmed at the steps you need to take to get to your big, audacious goals.

You’re frustrated by the negativity in your own head questioning if you can really do this.

You’re underconfident about your own ability and if you can really reach your big audacious goals.

You’re terrified about the magnitude of your outcome goal and wondering how you can make it happen.

You’re listening to the naysayers saying you cannot make it happen.

You’re feeling like you are letting your teammates, coaches or parents down.

You’re discouraged by the anxiety and pressure that is holding you back.

You’re annoyed that other people are getting to their goals quicker than you.

You’re burning the candle at both ends and it is impacting your health, family, and relationships.

You know you are meant for more.

A New Level of Increased Confidence

All athletes can struggle with self-doubt and negativity. Even the best can doubt themselves. Believing these doubts will get in the way of achieving your true potential.

Confidence is a decision we each make each day. You can learn how to perform to your best, and how to overcome the doubt and negativity.

"My work with Mentally Strong has been life-changing! I’ve learned so much about myself, gained a toolkit of mental strategies, and was able to thrive at the Olympics as a result."

Kendell Williams

Olympic track and field athlete

Play at a Higher Level

To perform at your best consistently, you can master peak performance principles to help you play at a higher level.

You can gain mental skills and tools to help you perform under pressure.

You can be your best regardless of the opponent or the adversity you experience.

The Mentally Strong Process

Everything changed for us when we applied the science of peak performance to our lives and work. We became more intentional with our purpose, focus, and energy, allowing us to excel on command.

We founded Mentally Strong to share our practices with those eager to improve. Our tools inspire and guide purpose-driven leaders and athletes to uplevel their confidence and influence.

Our 6 pillars of peak performance, based on real science, will reduce your inner limits and enable you to harness a state of flow, energy, and high performance like never before.

Putting Our Proven System to Work for You Will:

Accomplish Big Goals

Gain clarity on what is most important to you aligned with your purpose

Choose Empowering Thoughts

Grow your confidence to get to your goals faster

Master Peak Performance

Know yourself so well that you know how to use our Mentally Strong Tools at exactly the right moments

Request a Complimentary Coaching Call

During this free call, we’ll discuss what problems you’re facing, what you want to achieve, and what it takes to make those goals happen.

Athlete - Coaching Call

But Don’t Take Our Word for It, This is What Our Clients Are Saying...

I personally have learned just as much off the track mentality as I have learned on.

Working with Mentally Strong has been better then I imagined it would have been. It’s great to work with someone with similar goals and is open about their experiences as well!


High School Cross Country Athlete

Working with Mentally Strong has helped me utilize my mind as a powerful asset 

to my training and racing as a professional runner.

Gabriele Grunewald

USA Indoor Track and Field Champion